Three Generations at the Edmundston Trapper Council!


By Daniel Soucy


Trapping is a family affair at the Edmundston Trapper Council.  In fact, we encounter many of our members that are family related.  Either they are brothers, two generations and even three families have three generations on the trapline.  The Plourdes, the Voisines and the Soucys.  Every fall, that desire to set traps comes like a fever for these family members.


Yves, Steve and Audrey Plourde are trapping together for the last 10 years and their preferred species are beaver, marten and coyote.  They are mainly trapping in the North West of New Brunswick, in wildlife management zones 2 and 3.  One day, checking their traps, Steve caught one of his hands in a 330 Belisle conibear!   Audrey was able to free his Dad of this painful situation.

The Plourde family at the 2020 NBTFHF Convention held in Fredericton.  Audrey, Steve and Yves.


Rino, Daniel and Maxim Soucy like trapping beaver, fisher and coyote in wildlife management zone 1.  Rino started trapping before he even reached 10 years old by watching how an old trapper, Theophile Bouchard, was setting his traps along the Baker-Brook river.  Some days, he had to go get help because he wasn’t strong enough to carry out the beavers!  Maxim took his trapper education course along with his sister, Eloïse, two years ago.   

The Soucy family.  Rino, Maxim and Daniel.


Donald, Gérard and Francis Voisine do also enjoy trapping beaver and coyote in wildlife management zone 2.  Donald started by trapping nuisance beavers while he was working for JD Irving in Saint John.  He caught the joy of trapping since then and at 84 years old, he is still going on the trapline.  His son Gérard took his course last year, so he now can set the traps along with his father and son.

The Voisine family.  Donald and his grandson Francis.  Gerard who works in the woods all week long, wasn’t present for the picture.





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