by Gerry Williamson


On March 2-4 the Moncton & Area Trappers Council in cooperation with the Department of Energy & Resource Development held a trapper eduction course at the DERD facilities in Dieppe. There were 15 students who took the course. Tickets were handed out to the students for a trap draw and the two winners were Matthew Graham and Jonathan Roy. We also had a 330 to award to the student with the highest mark. As it turned out, three students were tied with marks of 98, Shawn Arsenault, Jonathan Roy and Troy Vautour. So another draw was held with Troy Vautour being the winner.


Thanks go out to DERD instructors Moncton's own Burton Murray and Rod MacEachern who travelled down from Miramichi. And special thanks go out to all the Moncton & Area Trappers Council volunteer instructors who helped with the course, namely, Jim Marriner, Kevin White, Troy Moss, Craig Smith, James Ritchie, Charles LeBlanc, Oswald McFadden, Arnold Colpitts and Gerry Williamson. We were also graced with Renous Council instructor, Yvon Morais, who came down on Sunday to watch and learn.



Instructor Oswald McFadden skins a fox as his students look on.




Instructor Charles LeBlanc demos how to skin a raccoon.




Instructor Arnold Colpitts demos how to skin a beaver




Instructor James Ritchie helping his student, Sarah Hendricks, skin a muskrat




Students working on muskrats under James Ritchie's watchful eye




Instructor Arnold Colpitts nailing out a beaver




Instructor Charles LeBlanc with student Tyler Martin




Trap draw winner, Matthew Graham




Trap draw winner, Jonathan Roy




Students Tyler Martin and his father under the watchful eye of Instructor Craig Smith




Instructor Craig Smith showing the students how to skin a bobcat




Instructor Craig Smith fleshing a bobcat




Instructor Craig Smith boarding the bobcat




Group photo of the students




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