Fur Auction Houses


Canada has two major fur auction houses to which the majority of trappers ship their fur to. Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. in North Bay, Ontario and North American Fur Auctions in Toronto, Ontario. Which one to ship to is a matter of individual preference and some trappers choose to ship with both. Regardless of who you ship with, there are some things you should be aware of before doing so.


When you ship your furs with an auction house, you are placing your fur in their hands to sell for you. Once it is shipped, you don't have the option of rejecting the bid on your fur, however, the auction house does. They charge a commission to sell your fur and will actively try to get the top price possible for it. Both auction houses offer pickups around the province in most major centres and many smaller communities. Pickups as a rule are scheduled about a month before each sale. Sale dates vary between auction houses and each one on average has 4-5 per year. The one drawback is that shipping your fur means you must wait for payment for your fur. Advances on fur are available however from both auction houses.


A very important factor in shipping your fur is that it must put up and dried. The auction houses are specific on how they want each species put up as well as what sizes drying boards should be. It is a wise idea to get this information prior to doing any pelt preparation.


Local Pick Up Agents


Fur Harvesters Auction

John Richard
3101 Rte 8 180
South Tetagouche, NB
E2A 7C1
Telephone (506) 548 - 3018

Fur Harvesters Auction Website

FHA Pelt Handling Manual

North American Fur Auctions

Jim McAfee
115 Brunswick St. 
 Truro, NS 
B2N 4P6 
Telephone 902-895-2511

North American Fur Auctions Website


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