Yvon Morais demos under ice beaver snaring


Gerry Williamson

On February 6, 2019, the week after the Moncton Trapper Ed course, instructor Yvon Morais agreed to take a group of trappers, including several students from the course, on a field trip to the Shediac area. Here, Mr. Morais gave a hands on demo of under the ice beaver snaring. Thanks to Yvon for donating his time to do this. I'm sure your students will be able to pad their fur check from the information you so graciously provided.


After cutting a hole in the ice and cutting a pole, Yvon uses the pole to measure the depth of the water so he knows where to locate the snares on the pole.




Yvon and the snare pole which is ready to go in the pond





the group gathers to see the results




Yvon starts to pull up the pole, and......



Positive results!





Yvon shows how to dry the beaver with snow




Ozzie watches his student fleshing the bobcat

Some happy youngsters with the catch



The Group





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