by Gerry Williamson

On February 7,8 & 9, 2020, the Moncton & Area Trappers Council held a trapper education course at the DNRED office in Dieppe. There were 24 students in attendance who all successfully passed the course. There were 9 instructors who assisted with the course. They were Jim Marriner, Gerry Williamson, Dwight Robertson, Kevin White, Craig Smith, Charles Leblanc, Oswald McFadden, James Ritchie and Yvon Morais. Bree Crawford from DNRED also assisted with the course. Charles Leblanc donated traps and Yvon Morais donated stretchers that were won by Bryan Wiget and Carter Nicholson in a draw. The MATC also had a draw to reimburse the cost of the course to one of the juniors who successfully passed. This was also won by Bryan Wiget. Congratulations!


Instructor Dwight Robertson shows his student how to skin a bobcat




Winner of the trap draw, Bryan Wiget





Carter Nicholson winner of the trap draw




Instructor Yvon Morais shows how to baord a beaver






Instructon James Ritchie shows his students how to skin and flesh a muskrat





Student Kristina Cormier working on a muskrat




Instructor Dwight Robertson shows his student how to skin an otter




Kristina Cormier 10 years old





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