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The New Brunswick Trappers & Fur Harvesters Federation is the recognized voice for trappers in dealing with government about legislation, season dates, quotas and many other issues. We are also recognized by other outdoor use groups and agencies who may share common interests on any number of issues and topics. Trappers, united as one voice, can accomplish much more than we can on an individual level. Trapping is constantly under pressure by anti animal use organizations and it is trapping organizations who work hard to keep our activity alive. Being a member also gives you, the trapper, a chance to voice your opinion and be heard.

Membership helps to keep you informed on what's going on in the trapping world. Your membership includes the magazine "The Trapper" which lets you know what is going on not only in NB but also across Canada. NBTFHF members are the usually the first to know of any changes to legislation, seasons or other matters related to trapping in New Brunswick. Members are also invited to attend instructional workshops such as fur handling, trapping demos and other workshops that may not be open to the public or receive reduced admittance fees at those workshops and functions. There are many other benefits as well, join the NBTFHF today, you will be glad you did.

Purchase a Membership Online

Please Note: The Membership Fees for 2021 have increased to $40.00

Canadian One Year Membership    $40.00 CAN
Includes subscription to The Canadian Trapper magazine
U.S. One Year Membership    $40.00 USD
Includes subscription to The Canadian Trapper magazine

Please Note - Memberships for U.S. Residents will be in U.S. Funds to cover the extra cost of postage for the magazine.

If you are a first time (new) member, send your name, address and phone number to Gerry Williamson at  gnwilli@nbnet.nb.ca

Purchase your membership online by e-transfer in the amount of $40.00 to:



We are set up for automatic deposit so no security question will be required.


To Purchase Your Membership, send a $40.00 cheque or money order made payable to:

New Brunswick Trappers & Fur Harvesters Federation

Mail To:

Gerry Williamson
113 Salisbury Back Rd.
Colpitts Settlement, NB
E4J 2Z2
Telephone (506) 372 -9737 
Fax (506) 372-9737
e-mail gnwilli@nbnet.nb.ca

The cost of a membership is a small price to pay knowing that you are contributing to and supporting  the NBTFHF in their efforts to preserve, promote and enhance trapping for all trappers in New Brunswick. The magazine subscription alone is worth the cost of membership. Show your support for the trapping industry, join the NBTFHF today!


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