Miramichi trappers course 2020


Once again the Renous Trappers Council and DNR, including Denis Guitard of Bathurst Council, worked together to put on a trapping course for 21 students, ranging in age from teenagers to seniors. We had great weather for the outdoor portion of the course on Saturday afternoon. For the second straight year students got to see an actual catch, thanks again to Yvon Morais. He went to the site in December and noticed fresh beaver sign,then returned there on Wednesday before the course to set snares and an open water set by a small spring, where he caught a beaver last year. This year the catch was in a snare set on a bait pole under-ice.

Sunday we were inside out of the freezing rain. Instructors skinning a fisher, otter and beaver, the students doing muskrats.
    I look forward to meeting these guys every year and things go smoother every time, and Regis LeClair cooks some great grub for our dinners.

DNR was represented by: Rodney MacEachern, Regis Leclair, Denis Guitard, Peter Pinder and Steve Coughlan

Trapping Instructors were: Yvon Morais, Maurice Doiron, Darrell Warren


Yvon Morais demos a snare pole set for under ice beaver


Yvon Morais pulls up the snare pole with a beaver


Maurice Doiron shows how to set for otter


Denis Guitard shows how to set a restraining trap in snow for coyotes




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