Northwest Council Photos



Gérard Levesque coming out of the woods with a nice coyote



André is checking some snare sets for coyote  



Gerry Williamson with a customer at the Fredericton Trapper's convention.



Réjean Francoeur with a coyote catch



Beautiful coyote catch  



Trapper cabin on the Renous  



Réjean with a coyote  



We found some water  



Winter trapping coyote  



Edwin Michaud the coyote trapper



Alex and Charles Thériault supervised by Benoît Hivon are skinning and preparing the muskrat fur.  



Charles Thériault, Riley Givskud and Alex Thériault are taking care of all the muskrats.



Charles Thériault and Riley Givskud are skinning muskrats



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