Renous BBQ Photos


The Renous Council had a barbeque on August 22 at the old McGraw Brook picnic site. We had a decent turnout, despite the weather and had a great time. Itís a poor replacement for a Summer Rendezvous, but it was a chance to get together with fellow trappers and their families. Hopefully we can continue to grow and attract a few visitors from other Councils. We had a scavenger hunt for the kids, a trap setting contest, won by Maurice Doiron, frying pan toss, won by Nick Keenan for the men, and Chelsea Connors for the women.

We also did a few demos with Maurice doing a dirthole set, Yvon Morais doing both Conibear and leghold for beaver, and myself doing blind mink sets.

Thanks to Underhill Landscaping and Excavating for supplying Porta-potties, Trout Brook Flyshop for prizes and to everyone else who helped.

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