Renous Council Trapper Workshop Feb 25/2017

by Darrell Warren

The Renous Trappers Council held it's 2nd annual workshop in Miramichi on Saturday, February 25th.  We had a decent turnout, considering many areas were getting freezing rain in the early morning.  About 45 people attended, but, like most events lately, very few were young trappers, who would benefit most from demonstrations. Only four out of over forty taking recent trapping courses in Bathurst and Miramichi attended. As disappointing as that is, we still had a great time catching up with other trappers we usually only see at the winter convention.

At both of our workshops, Regis LeClair has been the DERD guy that opens the garage early for us, makes coffee, and helps out. At trapping courses he cooks dinner for instructors, going above and beyond his regular duties. Last year, in the magazine article, I thanked him for everything. At our next meeting, Yvon Morais pointed out that we should buy him a NB Trappers membership, otherwise he would never know we thanked him. We presented him with the membership and a Renous Council Hat on Saturday. Thanks again Regis!

Thanks to those who put on demos; Larry Estabrooks, Yvon Morais, Esmond Daigle, Carl Hunter, John Richard, and especially James Ritchie, who drove all the way from Riverview.               

Also thanks to Miramichi Pro Nature and Fur Harvesters Auction for donations for door prizes. John, we couldn’t do this without you.

Door prizes went to Eugene Babineau, Shawn MacIntire, Venance Comeau, Gildor LeBreton, and Cody Lee.

We sold tickets on a Trappers Bundle: stretchers, 3 traps, snares, tail splitter and stripper, push pins and safety gripper. The winner was Stephan Landry.

We have discussed at length how to get more young trappers out, but, like one of our members said, until they come up with a trapping app for a cell phone, things won’t change much.

Thanks again to all who came.

Esmond Daigle fleshes a beaver with an axe head

James Ritchie doing a muskrat

 Larry Estabrooks clean skinning a beaver

 Carl Hunter doing a muskrat.

 Yvon Morais fleshing a beaver

 John Richard doing a fox

Regis LeClair receiving a NBTFHF membership and a Renous Council hat for all his help. Presented by our president, Maurice Doiron

 Eugene Babineau with a door prize

Shawn MacIntire with a door prize

 Venance Comeau with a door prize

 Cody Lee with a door prize, Cody completed the trapping course in January

 Stephan Landry : Winner of draw for Trapping Kit Bundle.




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