Renous Trappers Council Trapper Education Course 2018

by Darrell Warren

The Renous Trappers Council and DERD combined to put on a trapping course for 17 students on Jan.26th,27th,and 28th. Everything went well as, each year, I think we are getting better and more comfortable in our roles. We have our outdoor demos at the same site every course, as there are good set locations for water animals at an old pond and there is older growth nearby for marten and fisher. This year was the first time students got to see an actual catch. Yvon Morais, who spares no effort to give students a good experience, set beaver traps 2 days before, catching one beaver. I think that was a highlight for all the students.
The co-operation between trappers and DERD staff makes this very easy, and I think most look forward to getting together each year. DERD staff were Peter Pinder, Matthew Mercure, Rodney MacEachern, Denis Guitard, who came all the way from Bathurst and is also a trapper, Steve Coughlan, also a trapper and Regis LeClair. Thanks for the cooking Regis, and for your dry wit that keeps us all on our toes.
Renous Trappers Council was represented by Maurice Doiron, Yvon Morais, and myself.
‘Till next year gentlemen, good health.


Maurice Doiron boards a pelt as his students look on.




Yvon Morais shows how to skin a beaver




A sure sign of beaver in the area




Ah-ha! Something floating









The finished product.





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