President's Report


Well, it is spring again and another trapping season as gone by. I hope everybody had a good season and I hope that all their fur has sold. I had a pretty good season myself. As for having all my fur sold, we will just have to wait and see. It's been a long winter for us in northern New Brunswick with lots of snow. For me, it's time to put the traps away and to start working on my maple syrup. I was all ready to start getting things ready when I had to have emergency surgery. They had to remove my appendix. Things went really well but I was still laid up for a month. But, I'm ok now and all ready to go. Things are good with the Federation and not much has changed since my last article .


 I hope everybody has a good summer and takes care of themselves.


Mike Michaud

NBTFHF President

Past President's Report

It's hard to believe that a year as already gone by as it seems just like it was yesterday that I was voted in as President of the NBTFHF.

At first I was lost as to what my job was , but, with the great team of Board of Directors that I have, it’s a very easy job that I have to do. With everybody on the Board doing their assigned jobs, it all runs smoothly. A very big thanks to the Board for all that they do.

We just had our annual Workshop and Convention on January 13th, 14th , and 15th , in Moncton. I'd like to start out by saying thank you to the members of the Moncton Council who made this event possible by hosting this year's event. And the weather was very nice this year.

On Friday the 13th we started with the Workshop. The doors opened at 9 am. We had some very good instructors doing some skinning demos for the crowd until lunch time. In the afternoon we had some seminars. The first was about coyote snaring by Carl Balsor of P.E.I. It was a very interesting seminar. The second seminar was about trapping otter by our very own Frank Hathaway and the last seminar was about under ice beaver trapping using foothold traps by Carl Balsor. I’m sure that more than a few trappers got some good tips to use on their own traplines. We then had a supper break and after supper we had some more skinning demos. We also had different booths setting up by various councils and vendors for the next day. A special thanks to Mitchell Schriver for a very successful workshop and also a special thanks to the NB Wildlife Trust Fund for sponsoring this event. The number of people who attended was between 90 to 100 .

On Saturday was the Convention with different booths from the councils and vendors. The doors opened at 9 am. It was a very busy day with skinning demos going on and vendors selling their wares. The auction houses were also there to pick up any fur that anybody wanted to ship. There were door prizes drawn throughout the day. There was also a silent auction that brought in $453.00 . By 2 pm we had our dry pelt and green pelt competition. A special thanks to Larry Estabrooks for judging this for us. We had close to 400 people attend this years event. A big thanks to Kevin White who coordinated the Convention.

By three o'clock things were winding down with every body closing shop and heading over to the hotel for our annual general meeting. The meeting went pretty good with the presidents report, the treasurers report, membership report, newsletter report and resolutions. We then had our election with all the executive remaining at their posts for another year.

After the meeting we then had our banquet and awards. We held a Chinese auction which brought in $545.00 and a live auction witch brought in $1443.00. After an excellent supper and all the awards passed out we then had a dance. That was a pretty good evening . The next morning we had our regular meeting of the Board of directors and then we were off for home. All in all it was a splendid weekend and I hope to see everyone there next year.

This year trapping was more difficult up north due to bad weather in December. Ice storm and snowstorm after snowstorm made it impossible to pass through roads and trails due to falling trees and branches. Almost three feet of snow made coyote trapping very hard. With snares all buried it was quite the challenge. It's easy to say and that the harvest of fur will be down in the north this year with the prices being lower and the heavy snowfall.

I was talking with the Twins and they say they will do their best to try and get over 100 coyotes this year, with help from some of their friends. Bernard (one of the Twins) says that team Ford (the name of his brothers team) is ahead with a few more coyotes but he says that it's not finished yet and that it will be fun to see who wins.

For me, I will be heading to the sugar bush to get everything up and ready for the coming season of maple syrup. Lots of work to do.

One thing before I leave. It would really be nice to find some way to get more trappers to join our Federation as members . If anybody has any ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any other members of the board. We are always open for any ideas. So keep your snowshoes on and watch for the sunshine ha! Ha!


Mike Michaud

NBTFHF President


Past President's Report


A very good friend of mine told me that I should try to start my article differently, that I should try to be more creative. I started thinking of different ways that I could start like "Bonjour tous le monde" or "Salutations to all" or maybe something like "Hello fellow trappers." Instead, I think I'll start out with a little adventure that happened to me a few years back while on the trapline.

It was an early December morning when I and a pal headed out to check some marten sets. After riding an hour we started into my trapline. There was about 8 to 10 inches of snow on the ground we arrived at the place where we had to walk. Parking the truck at the fork of an old logging road, we each headed in our own direction. I headed down the right fork and he went left. We both had 6 sets to check on our walk and we both had to walk about a mile. I had two old beaver ponds to cross and the old road was pretty brushed in in some spots. I had three sets checked and didn't have anything yet.


As I was walking, I came upon some moose tracks. The tracks were following the old road I was walking on and they looked pretty fresh. Not much further I see where the moose had done its business. I remember thinking to myself, this sure looks fresh. These old roads always had some little firs growing down the middle. This particular part of the road they were about 3 to 4 feet in height. Well, not 50 yards further a moose suddenly stands up not 2 yards away from me almost making me do my business right there in my pants. I'm sure I must have jumped 6 feet in the air. I backed away from the moose to give it some room. As I was walking away from the moose it started to follow me. I don't know if this was a coincidence or if it was on purpose. I really didn't care. I headed for the big woods thinking that if I had to, I could hide in back of a big tree.


So there I am, walking in the woods almost backwards trying to keep an eye on the moose and trying to watch where I was going. The moose was following me like a dog on the trail, its nose down. I kept walking and didn't pay attention as to where I was. I went around a tree and right there, not two feet from me was my marten set with a marten in the snare. (Back in those days we were allowed to use snares for marten and fisher.) When I turned my head the marten jumped right at me! It came so close to my face that I think we could have rubbed noses together. I was already shaken up with the moose thing that this really made my heart do some flip flops. I dispatched the marten and headed back to the truck. My pal had a good laugh when I told him what had happened.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys that story.

By the time you read this article our trapping season for this year will be half way done. This year as been a very different year for me. I didn't trap as much and didn't hunt as much, just did a little of both.


I would like to congratulate the winners of our raffle. First prize went to Stephen Scott, second prize to Ben Woodard and third prize to Kirby Menzies. I would also like to thank everyone who bought tickets all the people responsible for selling the tickets and making the raffle a success. Also, don't forget to check out our annual Workshop & Convention coming right up in Moncton. For more info go to

Well, that's it for me. Hope your furs sell and may everyone be safe and healthy.

Past President's Report




Hello all fellow trappers,


 It's almost time to start thinking about the upcoming season and to start getting things ready, to start fixing all of our trapping equipment . Hopefully fur prices will be a little better this year . I hope everyone is having a good summer. I know that I'm having a good one doing a lot of camping, fishing ,boating and kayaking. This summer was good, giving me a chance to scout my trapping area to find the active ponds and to see what wildlife is there. While writing this I am on vacation in Grand Prairie, Alberta. I'm visiting some family members here. We did some great things while I was here. Visited some great local attractions and some surrounding area attractions. Well enough about my vacation.


Moose season is coming soon. I didn't get drawn but am going with a friend. Good luck to all those that were drawn. I hope you all get one.


We will be having our annual convention in Moncton this year which should be a very good one. It's been awhile since it was last there. Everyone who is planning to attend should reserve their room in advance to make sure that you get one. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee availability or price after December 13th. I hope to see you all there. Well that's it for now. Have a good end of summer and be safe.


Mike Michaud

NBTFHF President


Past President's Report

Hello fellow trappers.

Another season is over. The prices this year weren't very good for some of the species like muskrat, otter, marten and fisher. Others were pretty decent like coyote, beaver and fox. With the way the economy is right now, that was to be expected. I personally had a very good season. I didn't trap terribly hard but spent more time enjoying my trap line. I took it at a much more relaxed pace. This made for a more enjoyable season. It also gave me a chance to try new and different things.

Well, spring is here and it's time for the spring muskrat season. Although prices are very low, some of you will still be going at them. Be careful out there on the ice! Seeing as how we had a very mild winter, the ice could be very dangerous. No muskrats for me this spring as I will be very busy with maple production. This is one thing that I really enjoy doing. I hope it's a good season.

One of the things that I would like to talk about is that in the Province we have over 1000 trappers that buy their licence but we only have 1 quarter of these that are members of our Federation. This saddens me because the Federation does a lot of work like giving courses and workshops and the convention. The Federation is constantly trying to keep everybody informed about all the changes and rules that we as trappers must follow. Please try to support the Federation and thanks to all those that do. If anybody has any ideas on how to get more people to join the Federation please don't be shy to contact us on the Board. We are always open to new ideas. Thanks.

Another topic I would like to cover is our Convention. Next January, our Convention will be held in Moncton on January 13 and 14. The Workshop and Convention will be held at the Lions Center at 55 Mark Avenue. All other meetings and events will be held at the Days Inn and Suites (former Holiday Inn Express) at 2515 Mountain Rd., just off the Magnetic Hill exit. With the new Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop stores in Moncton, it is hoped that we will get a good crowd at our Convention hoping to take advantage of the opportunity to visit those stores. More info will follow in future magazines and on our website at

So, summer is almost here! This is the time to relax and do some fishing and other outdoor activities that let us visit our trap lines. I plan on going out much more than I did last year. This is a great opportunity to find new spots and also to visit some old ones. It also gives us a chance to clear out old trails and new ones too. Well that's all for now. Hope you all have a great summer and have lots of fun. Until next time, be safe and keep healthy.


Mike Michaud

NBTFHF President


Past President's Report


by Mike Michaud

Hello fellow trappers.


For those that don't know me I am Mike Michaud, the new President of the NB Trappers & Fur Harvesters Federation. I hope that everyone is having a safe and good season this year.


Our yearly Workshop/Convention was a great success! This year we had some nice weather which made for a good turnout. The workshop on Friday the 8th was very good with lots of skinning going on in the morning and then some very instructive seminars in the afternoon. In the evening the booths were set up. On Saturday the 9th the Convention was a very busy place with about 500 people attending. Lots of skinning was going on during the day. The trap suppliers were doing pretty well too. We also had some good presentations.


I would like to thank Darcy Alkerton and Jim Gibb for attending and giving such informative presentations on Friday and Saturday. Would also like to thank everybody else involved for the nice job. Well done! We also had our pelt competition, both dry and green, which was a great success.


In the afternoon we held our AGM with the elections. Charles stepped down as President the elections went as follows: President Mike Michaud, First vice Mitchell Schriver, 2nd vice Carl Cyr, secretary Gerry Williamson and treasurer, Steven Scott. All in all a very successful workshop and convention.


Well that's all for now. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable year. Til next time, keep safe and good trapping!


Mike Michaud

NBTFHF President



Past President's Report

by Charles Neveu


Hi Canadian Trappers

I am just getting back from a moose hunt with some friends. This year I had a father and son team. The son got his name drawn and he had his father buy the 2nd license. In New–Brunswick we have a 5 days season. After some pre season scouting we spent the day before the season putting out lure with cow in heat. The first day of the hunt I started with a few calling sessions but even if there was a lot of moose sign, because of the warm weather the moose were not responding to our calls, so we decided to cover some ground and after only an hour we get to a sector in the hardwoods with lots of the growth along the road that was browsed and sure enough we spotted a cow moose and because of the warm temperatures announced for the rest of the week, the team decided to take the moose. So we ended up with a nice 750 lbs cow moose dropped by the roadside and we were back home by 2;30pm moose skinned and quartered in the cold storage at the butcher.

Now for trapping, First I want to thank the trappers of N.-B. for sending articles for the Canadian Trapper. Some are the usuals and some are new like Mr Rossignol that sent a article about his son Taylor a new trapper in my region. Looking at the article I am very glad that Taylor is very good at his new passion and personally this is the reason we are putting all these volunteers hours to teach our youths on trapping. Taylor , I want to wish you a good trapping season and be safe, if you have questions do not hesitate and contact us.

 Looking at the Fur Market Report, again this year will have low wild fur prices. As a trapper, I will continue to trap beaver to keep their population at a level to minimize their impact on the road infrastructure where I trap. I will be trapping marten but only at a moderate level and coyotes will be trapped hard like usual. This year will be a good year to take the time and try new sets and improve on existing sets.

For the Trapper Advisory Committee we will be concentrate our efforts on the Bobcat and the Canada Lynx populations. We are looking to form a committee for the Canada Lynx, to evaluate his status and work on a recovery plan for N.-B.

  This year the Winter Convention and workshop that will be held in Fredericton at the Fredericton Inn on January 8,9 2016 hosted by the Federation. Check on the website for more details. We are trying a new program this year to try to accommodate the people to attend both the Workshop and the Convention. The way it was set up the workshop was a popular event on Thursday, Friday morning was the conclusion of the workshop and in the afternoon was the set up of the booths for the convention on Saturday. People that wanted to attend both events had to book for 2 nights at the hotel. We ended up losing attendance because of people with limited budgets that could only attend one event. Also for 2017, we are working to try and get the workshop and convention in the Moncton area. With the new Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop now open it should be a good weekend.

 Like always, respect the environment and the animals, whenever possible bring a kid trapping.

       Charles Neveu


Past Report



Hi Canadian Trappers.

Yes, it is that time again to start thinking about getting ready for the next trapping season. After last year's fur prices,there should be beavers for everyone to trap and like every low price year, the money trappers that started to trap after the big boom in the fur prices a couple of years ago are selling their equipment. But like usual for the hardcore trappers, this is all déjà vu and trap preparation is on the chore list for this time of the year. In New Brunswick so far this summer we are not getting too much nice weather. I hope this means we get a great fall & winter.

Now for important business! On the Trapper Committee, we got back feedback about our 2015 Resolutions. Resolution #1 was to petition DNR to open a limited season ( 2 weeks) for marten in Zone 20 and the department is going to establish a two week season for the 2016 trapping season and try to push it for the 2015 season (if enough time for the legislature to do so).


Resolution #2 is to petition DNR to establish a squirrel trapping season (same as weasel from end of October to end of february) using the same box with the rat trap. DNR will move forward with this resolution.


Resolution #3 is to petition DNR to revamp the bobcat draw system and regroup some open zones. Due to low Bobcats harvest and a dropping bobcats population for the last 5 years, DNR and the Trapper Committee have decided to put this resolution on hold until the bobcat population stabilizes.


Resolution #4 was to petition DNR to develop a system where a trapper could report incidentals catches and keep some of these as part of their legal harvest. DNR will continue to work with the Trapper Committee on this resolution. It is important to note that as of now it is mandatory to report all incidentals catches and DNR provide the pelts to use in our trappers education courses and the pelts are sold on behalf of the Federation and money used to support our activities.


Resolution #5 was to petition DNR to open a limited season ( 2 weeks) for marten in Zone 20 & 21.After discussion with the Trapper Committee, the request to establish a marten season in zone 21 was removed from the resolution because of lack of population data and no incidentals returns in zone 21. But as discussed in Resolution #1, zone 20 did get approved.


Resolution #6 is to petition DNR to change the season starting dates for beaver, mink, otter, muskrat and raccoon in Zones 13-27 to the first week of November. After discussion with the Trapper Committee, it was agreed that it would start on the first Saturday November for the South (zones 13-27) and the Saturday before Deer Season in the North (Zones 1-12).


Resolution #7 was to petition DNR to allow the trappers to be in possession of road kill deer carcasses to use for bait. DNR did not support this resolution.


Resolution #8 was to petition DNR to add the .17 rimfire to the existing regulation that allows trappers to bring a cased .22 rimfire on Sundays to dispatch a trapped animal. DNR will allow this resolution when proposing future legislative changes to the Fish & Wildlife Act. And finally,


Resolution #9 was to petition DNR to have the option to have DNR to pick up carcasses at the trappers' houses. The Department understands that with the closures of some of their offices, the trappers have to travel further to deposit their carcasses, and is working with the Trapper Committee to establish time and locations where they could meet an officer to drop their carcasses and obtain the proper permits.

For the Wildlife Trust Fund projects,we just got approved for this years projects. Our first project is the Winter Trapper Workshop ,the second project is Track Transect project that consists of a network of transects to collect population data to help DNR. The third project is a continuation of the Canada Lynx Project and our final project is a Marten Nesting Project to construct and put up Marten boxes for the south of the province. I want to thank the NB Wildlife Trust Fund for their financial contributions for our projects.
On Saturday July 18th we did the draw for our annual New Brunswick Trappers & Furhavester Federation Raffle. The first prize was a Deer hunt at Haley Brook Camps or $1200 in cash. The winner was Alzear Aube of Bathust and Mr Aube took the cash. The second prize was a choice between a hunting rifle from Miramichi ProNature or $800 cash. The winner was Yvon Ouellette of Drummond and he chose the $800 cash. And finally the 3rd prize was a choice between a trapper equipment package worth $500, an Apple I-Pad or $350 in cash. The winner, Stephen Waugh of Saint John, chose the cash. Congratulations to the winners and Thank You to everybody that bought and sold tickets to support our Federation.

To conclude I want to invite everybody to the Winter Convention and workshop that will be held on January 8 & 9 2016 and hosted by the Federation in Fredericton. Check on our website for more details.

Like always, respect the environment and the animals and, whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.
Charles Neveu


Past Report


Hi Canadian trappers.

       Another trapping season has ended and trappers are spending well deserved time with their families, relaxing and waiting for the results of the fur auctions. In New Brunswick we had an average trapping season. A number of trappers were discouraged with last year's fur prices and didn’t trap or just trapped around their home, and there are the hardcore trappers that will trap no matter what happened. In the north of the province the snow came early, a foot and a half by mid November, and limited a lot of trapping activities. The marten season was very disappointing with only 1027 marten caught in the province, one of the lowest for the last 35 years. The major reason being the limited trappers after the weak fur prices from last year and lots of trappers only trapped one week of the 2 week season because of a snow storm forecast for the last week and the trappers had to pull  their sets with snowmobiles. The reminder of the season was good for the northern part of the province, but the south got buried in snow after the start of January and are still getting snow. Record snow falls for more than 100 years old were broken . These snow falls pretty much ended their trapping season. I was very impressed with the efforts of the trappers targeting coyote and fox. This year the fur prices for these species sure helped but the trappers were also doing it to help the deer populations. One furbearer that is having a hard time is the bobcat. The harvest has been declining since 2009 from 800 to about 220 for this season. The fur biologist, Jonathan Cormier, is keeping a close eye on the numbers. The large amount of snow in the south of the province will not help the bobcat situation.

     On the Trapper Committee with DNR we have had one meeting to review this year's resolutions and we were very fortunate to have the new Minister of Natural Ressources, Denis Landry, attending our meeting. It was a very productive meeting and it is looking good for some of our resolutions and we have to work on some actions plans to make some advance. On the next issue I will list the resolutions when they  will be confirmed.

     For the Wildlife Trust Fund projects, we have two on the go.  The first is the Track Transect that consists of a network of 3km sections of roads and trails that trappers cover every year to record the wildlife activity that cross these transects. This data helps the fur biologist to evaluate the furbearer populations. The second project is the Canada Lynx project that consists of a method to collect lynx tracks to assist the DNR Species at Risk people to evaluate the status of the lynx which is listed as regionally endangered in the province.

     To conclude I want to ask the trappers and the public to buy our raffle tickets. This year our first prize is a deer hunt at Haley Brook Camps with Frank Hathaway for guide. The second prize is a hunting rifle with scope and the 3rd prize is a trapper equipment package, draw date July 18th 2015. Also this Winter Convention and workshop will be held in Fredericton, more details in the next report. I want to wish a great summer to all the trappers and their friends and families.


  Like always, respect the environment and the animals and, whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.

Charles Neveu




Past Report



Hi Canadian trappers.

 This year the New Brunswick Trappers Convention was held in Bathurst, hosted by the Bathurst Trappers Council. It is good that the convention moves to regions of the province because it gives a chance to people that do not travel to attend this event and learn new trapping techniques and fur preparation guidelines. I would like to congratulate the Bathurst Trappers Council for a job well done and also thank the Restigouche, Northwest and Moncton Councils for the help to assist Bathust during the weekend.

       The Trapper Workshop was held before the Convention and Denis Guitard was the organizer of that event. I want to thank Denis for a job very well done. Again this year the workshop was  presented  in two types of activities, 1) a skinning and fur preparation part by the NBFTHF Trappers and 2) audio visual presentation of different trapping practices. This year we had Denis Guitard do an introduction to trapping to a group of students from Bathurst. Donald Parent gave a presentation on Fisher and Marten trapping. Jonathan Cormier, the provincial fur Biologist, gave a report on the Track Transect Project and on the carcass return studies. Frank Hathaway gave a presentation on Otter trapping. Charles Neveu gave a presentation on the Canada Lynx Project. Bernard Levesque & Les Linco gave a presentation on Coyote snaring and snare fabrication. Pierre Canaq-Marquis gave a very informative presentation on FIC Trap Research and Trap Certification Program. And finally Frank Hathaway gave another presentation on trapping coyotes with the dirthole technique. As you can see we had a very busy worshop and I want to thank the NB Wildlife Trust Fund that funded this activity.

     At the convention on Saturday,the different trapper councils had their booths ready for the public and this year there were numerous very nice booths including ones from Restigouche and Renous councils . In the middle of the room some trappers were skinning for the green pelt competition. NAFA and Fur Harvesters were on site to pick up furs and give information to the trappers and public.  So was the NAFA Wild Fur Shippers Council and the NAFA Eastern director Mr Kirby Burtt. The Department of Natural Resources was there to inform and answer questions on trapping related issues, The NB Wildlife Trust Fund and the director Claire Caron was there.  And from Bathust, the Ground Search and Rescue and their K9 unit were present. Commercial booths were also present like trapping supplies equipment from Long Creek, Rodona and John Richard. Also, Fur & Things was selling fur garments .

    Our AGM was held in the end of the afternoon after the convention. We review for the members the highlights of the year. We vote on resolutions and answer members questions. We also did the election of officers, and this year everyone was elected by acclamation. Here is a list of the executives. Charles Neveu  President , Michael Michaud 1st vice, Carl (the legend) Cyr  2nd vice, Gerry Williamson Secretary and Stephen Scott Treasurer.

     At the Banquet one of our special guests was the Minister of Natural Resources, the Honorable Denis Landry. He gave a very warm speech. And also from FIC, Mr. Pierre Canac Marquis. Our master of ceremonies was Roland Michaud. In the evening we also presented the different awards. These included the winners by categories for the green & dry pelts competitions (see list below).  The best booth award was awarded to the Bathurst Council followed by Tobique Council and Northwest Council a very close third. The King Skinner award was awarded to Serge Guitard. The Junior King Skinner (Luc Corriveau Award) was won by Yanik Gauthier. The Trapper of the Year was awarded to Charles Neveu and finally the Instructor of the Year (Don Dickie Award) was also won by Charles Neveu. Congratulations to all these people. They are very good examples of our best practices to produce quality furs, mentoring the new trappers and the future of trapping. After the awards, the live auction performed by Stephen Scott was very entertaining selling the numerous auction items. This was followed by a dance with a one man band from Petit Rocher.

     To conclude I want to wish everybody a good end of trapping season and good results of fur prices at the auctions.


  Like always, respect the environment and the animals and, whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.

       Charles Neveu


Dry Pelt Competition


Fox:          1st  Serge Guitard

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Yvon Morais

Coyote:    1st  Serge Guitard

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Yvon Morais

Fisher:      1st  Serge Guitard     

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Frank Hathaway

Marten:    1st  Serge Guitard

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Carl Hunter

Bobcat:     1st  Serge Guitard

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Yvon Morais

Beaver:    1st  Mike Michaud

                 2nd - Serge Guitard

                 3rd  Carl Hunter

Otter:       1st  Serge Guitard

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Carl Hunter

Mink:       1st  Serge Guitard

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Mike Michaud

Raccoon: 1st  Serge Guitard

                 2nd  Frank Hathaway

                 3rd  Yvon Morais

Skunk:     1st  Mitch Schriver

                 2nd  Serge Guitard

                 3rd  Frank Hathaway

Bundle:    1st  Serge Guiatrd

                 2nd  Mitch Schriver

                 3rd  Carl Hunter



Muskrat:   1st  Yanik Gautier


Green Pelt Competition

Coyote:     1st  Mike Michaud

Beaver:     1st  Carl Hunter

                 2nd  Yvon Morais

Otter:        1st  Carl Hunter


President  Activity  Report 2014

Febuary 9 2014

 Meeting in  Drummond  with Northwest Council

Febuary 21 2014

Meeting at Forestery Complex in Fredericton for the Trapper Advisory  Committee

March 22 2014

Quebec  Trappers  Annual Convention  Rivere du Loup

April 12 2014

Present Lynx project at the NB Wildlife Federation AGM in Grand Falls

April 13 2014

Trapper Course in Plaster Rock (English Course)

April 25 2014

Trapper Course in Drummond (French course)

April 27 2014

Meeting in Fredericton Inn for the NB Trappers

May 4 2014

Meeting in  Drummond  with Northwest Council after doing a clean up for the Adopt a HighWay

May 9 2014

Meeting at Forestery Complex in Fredericton for the Trapper Advisory  Committee

May 10 2014

Trapper Instructors Education Workshop at Oakland Farms in New- Maryland

July 12 2014

RaffleTicket Draw in Drummond by Honorable Danny Soucy  Minister of Environement

August 15 2014

Meeting in Forestery Complex in Fredericton for the Trapper Advisory  Committee

Sept 14 2014

Meeting in Fredericton Inn for the NB Trappers

November 9  2014

Meeting in Drummond with the Northwest Council .


January 9-12 2015

NBTFHF Workshop and Convention in Bathurst

President  Annual  Report 2014

  • Schedule of Activities for 2015 


  • NBWTF Projects 2014

1)      Workshop Bathurst

2)      Track Transect 40 lines

3)    Canada Lynx Project

  • NBWTF Future Projects 2015

1)      Workshop 2015

2)      Track Transect 50 lines

3)      Canada Lynx Project

4)      Pine marten Capture & recapture Project Zone 20 & 21


  • Councils (not active)

1)      Edmundston

2)      Grand Lake

3)    Bristol

  • Federation Workforce


Past Report

Hi Canadian trappers.

       Last year I started this report by saying how lucky I was to have harvested my buck on the 3rd day of the season, but this year it is a very different story. The season ended yesterday, November 22nd, and I still have the tag attached to my licence. I lost a lot of valuable trapping time chasing deer around in the forest. Don’t get me wrong, I like to hunt deer very much, but I like to trap even more. It is just that they overlap on my schedule. Next year I will try a different approach on the deer hunting dilemma. I will try the bow hunting season for deer that starts in early October to give me more time to trap at the end of October. I will keep you posted on my adventures.

  The 2014 trapping season in New-Brunswick started good after a low water summer and early fall. Most of the beaver were in the main rivers and after a few rainstorms in fall some of them started to pop up in places that were absent during the late summer scouting. Lots of trappers are taking advantage of the muskrat prices and monopolizing on that specie. Also, the coyote population is doing well with lots of young coyotes to catch. By the end of October we got a good surprise, a foot of snow in most of the province. By this date it is very hard to get rid off and it is restricting access to lot of places in the woods. Also it will be hard for the Pine Marten trappers without ski-doos to do their regular traplines. I pre-baited my line last Saturday and it was all done in 4 wheel drive mode in the pick-up with some places that I could not get to (more than 20 inches of snow). When I checked some of the baits this week, some were hit but one out of three is hit by Canada Lynx. I will have to be sure my catch pole is close by to help me release them. On another note, it is important to keep trapping all the species even when the fur prices are lower to maintain all the populations at good levels. This fall I got lots of calls from woodlot owners that needed trappers for beaver removal. It is important to help them otherwise they will shoot them and we will lose valuable resources.

   On the trapper advisory committee we are still working on our projects and we have to do some politics again because this fall the last government was defeated and a new minister was appointed.

   Our NB Wildlife Trust fund Projects are going to start soon. I am preparing the  track transect for one of the projects for this winter. I will need more volunteers to cover the whole province. If you are interested, I will have information at this winter workshop and convention. I am also setting up the Canada Lynx project to cover most of the province to gather information on family groups (female with kittens) to try to evaluate their population. We hope that this will help the Species at Risk Program to evaluate the Canada Lynx status in New-Brunswick.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the different trappers of New-Brunswick that are submitting articles for the Canadian Trapper Magazine to let our national trappers know how we are promoting our trapping heritage.

 I want to conclude this report by inviting you all at our Winter Convention in Bathurst on January 8,9 and 10 2015 hosted by the Bathurst and Campbellton councils. Look on our website for more information.

  Like always, respect the environment and the animals, and, whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.

   Charles Neveu



Past Report



Hi Canadian trappers.

 Well here we are again starting another trapping season. Most of the pre trapping chores should be done by now and also most of the scouting . There should be a little bit less competition with last winter's fur prices, but this has less effect on the hardcore trappers because they all saw these up and downs in the past and will trap no matter what.

 This year we got three projects approved by the N.-B. Wildlife Trust Fund  for a total of $11725. The first project is the Winter Trapper Workshop at the Convention. The second is the Winter Track Transect to gather information for DNR and the trappers to evaluate furbearer populations. And the last project is a continuation of the Canada Lynx Project to collect population data to help revise the status of the Canada Lynx in the province. Last year we collected trail camera pictures on bait stations. We collected 7000 pictures of which 1100 pictures were from lynx. We had 3 bait stations and the lynx were a bit shy of the baits and the 1100 pictures were from only 3 different lynx. As a side project we collected georeferenced pictures of lynx tracks across the Restigouche and Tobique River areas. Between 3 trappers we collected 125 photos of lynx tracks that were from about 45 different lynx and we created a map of these locations. After some discussions with biologist from DNR and from a University, we based this year's project on covering priority base maps to take georeferenced pictures of lynx tracks, prioritizing pictures of family groups (females with kittens). By doing that we will cover more areas in the north of the province. I want to thank the NB Wildlife Trust Fund for our project allocation.

 At our Trapper Committee meeting with DNR we are working on our resolutions from last year . The first one is to revamp the Bobcat draw system. The DNR Fur biologist started by showing us Bobcat population data that is indicating a continuing drop in the population. The Bobcat harvest is declining from 420 in 2012 to 330 in 2013. Another factor is the augmentation of trapping effort due to the rise of fur prizes. The biologist also provided us with biological data from the return of bobcat carcasses. The first indication is the juvenile harvest that should be lower than 30%. In 2012 the juvenile harvest was 36% and in 2013 it was 34%. We want to revamp the draw system but we want to make sure we don’t harm the bobcat population. The second resolution is on reporting Incidentals catches. Again DNR Fur Biologist Jonathan Cormier provided us a detailed chart that compares the different provinces in Canada on reporting incidentals. At this point the Trapper Committee is working on a plan to bring to DNR to help the trappers on reporting incidentals. But from my point of view, we have to educate our trappers, because comparing us to the rest of the country, a trapper has to report incidentals to DNR but the fur can be used for education and the Federation can sell the fur after. But still there is very limited fur reported.

 I want to conclude this report by wishing all the trappers a good safe and productive season and inviting you all at our Winter Convention in Bathust on January 8,9 and 10 2015 hosted by the Bathurst and Campbellton Councils. Look on our website for information.

  Like always, respect the environment and the animals and, whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.

  Charles Neveu


Past Report



Hi Canadian trappers.

In the last report we started by speaking about weather so we might as well start this one with weather too. First I want to apologize for saying we will have snow till June in New Brunswick. The last spot I saw was on the 25th of May (photo as proof). As for this summer, it is one of the best we have had so far in the Maritimes. Lots of warm days with a little bit of rain and everything is growing like crazy. August will be here in a week and it will be time to start to prepare for another trapping season. Trap maintenance and treatment, scouting for beaver colonies and making notes like location of doors on beaver houses or future bait stations for canine trapping.


The fur prices took quit a drop on the last sales this winter and spring and looking at the forecast it is going to be about the same for this year. The trappers will adjust like they always do by finding new ideas and better ways to do their sets. The biggest costs are gasoline and equipment like trucks, snowmobiles and ATVs. As for the traps and other trapping equipment, they usually last for multiple seasons. I am still using some beaver traps that I purchased 25 years ago. It would be good to have an average year to get things back to normal. When we got the record prices 2 years ago, lots of trappers started to trap again and also lots of new trappers started to trap because of the money to be made. This created problems like too much competition, confrontation for the same beaver colony and trap or animal theft. When the prices are too low like now, some of the trappers don’t want to trap and the fur industry will suffer and the furbearer population like beavers, raccoons and coyotes will explode.


On Saturday July the 12th we did the draw for our annual New Brunswick Trappers & Furhavesters Federation Raffle. The first prize was a Deer hunt on Anticosti Island and the winner was Angie Thibodeau. The second prize was a choice between a canoe or a kayak package or $800 cash and the winner was Jean Eudes Leclerc who chose the $800 cash. And finally the 3rd prize was a choice between a trapper equipment package of $500 or an Apple I Pad. The winner, Eric Connors, chose the I Pad. Congratulations to the winners and Thank You to everybody that bought tickets to support the Federation. I would also like to thank our local MLA, the Honourable Danny Soucy, Minister of Environment and Local Government who was nice enough to draw the winning tckets for us. Thanks again Danny!

On the Trapper Committee with DNR we are still working on the resolution to revamp the Bobcat draw system to allow the trappers to use a multi-zone tag and the other resolution on the incidental catches reporting .

To conclude I want to invite everybody to our Winter Convention and workshop that will be held in Bathurst January 8,9 & 10, 2015 hosted by the Bathurst and Campbellton Councils. Check on the website for more details.

Like always, respect the environment and the animals and whenever possible bring a kid trapping.

Charles Neveu

Past Report



Hi Canadian trappers.

To start this report I want to talk about a subject that is on everybody’s mind and nerves, the weather! Here in New-Brunswick we have been buried in snow this winter, some places with over 6 feet deep, and it is fair to say that we will still see spots with snow in June in the northern woods.

Now for trapping related business, after the 2 major Fur Sales for this season, a lot of trappers have close to 40% of their catch remaining unsold. For the hardcore trappers it is all something that they've seen before, but for the new trapper that is just starting, with a lot of investments made, it is very hard to digest. The Auction houses make a lot of things to attract buyers and take good care of them, but at the end of the day they are the ones deciding how much they will pay for the bundle of fur and a good thing that the auction houses have the power to rebuy some of the bundles because we could see some lower averages then those seen. In my opinion, it would be good that a buyer could accompany a trapper on his trapline to see how hard a day is in the woods and all the things the trapper does to try to make both ends meet, including eating half frozen sandwiches on a pick up tailgate, compared to eating lobster at the Auctions.

Now for the positive stuff, we had a conference call with FIC concerning Human Wildlife Conflicts and trying to form a Canadian Association of wildlife technicians to be uniform across the country to take care of these problems, professionally and humanely. Another subject is to continue to work on our New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund projects. This year we had 4 projects, the workshop at the Convention and the preparation of 2 more fur kits for trapper education, the track transect project that is still ongoing thanks to the snow. And the final project is the lynx project that I will cover in a separate article. I want to thank the NBWTF for the money invested in those projects. For this year we will reapply for some of these projects and we are working on a project for Pine Marten capture and recapture project for some closed marten trapping zones in the province.

On the Trapper Committee with DNR we are working on two resolutions. One is revamping the Bobcat draw system to allow the trapper to use a multi zone tag and the other resolution is to work on the incidental catch reporting and policies with regards to trapping.

To conclude I want to invite everybody to the Winter Convention and workshop that will be held next January in Bathurst, hosted by the Bathurst and Restigouche Councils. More details will follow in the next report. I also want to wish a great summer to all the trappers and their friends and families.

Like always, respect the environment and the animals and whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.

Charles Neveu



Past Report



Hi Canadian trappers!

In a few weeks we will start another trapping season and with the prices that we got for our fur last season, there should be a lots of part time trappers that are going to dust off their old traps and lots of new trappers that will be just starting out. I want to ask all the trappers to try to communicate with each other and find a way to respect each other. And remember to help the juvenile trappers by mentoring them and teaching them the old tricks and maybe learn a few new tricks from them. Remember to check the computer because there is a wealth of trapping information available on the internet.


This year we got four projects approved by the N.B. Wildlife Trust Fund for a total of $13000. The first project is the Winter Trapper Workshop at the Convention,the second is the Winter Track Transect to gather information for DNR and the trappers to evaluate the furbearer populations. The third is Trapper Federation Fur Kits for education which consists of replacing the damaged furs in the actual kits and making up two new additional kits. And the last project is the Canada Lynx Project which is a pilot project to try to collect data for the lynx by taking trail camera photos and collecting hair samples. We want to test different camera placements at different distances to evaluate the lynx population. We will be working with our provincial fur biologist and the species at risk program with this project. I want to thank the NB Wildlife Trust Fund for our project allocation. And I ask the trappers who haven't already done so please consider buying conservation plates to put on their vehicles. Of the yearly registration, $7.00 goes directly to the Trust Fund. We also contribute $5.00 when we buy each of our licenses. Our trapper representative on the Trust Fund is Michael Michaud.


During our last Board meeting we decided that we will not host a Summer RendezVous next year. We lost our long time participants, The Albert County Fish and Game Association and we had a hard time finding volunteers for the RendezVous. Also the date for the event was conflicting with a lot of summer activities. We are trying to find a formula for a one day event later in the summer to accommodate everybody. I will keep you posted.

I have included a couple of lynx pictures that we got from our trappers. I am glad that they are starting to arrive. If you send a picture, try to include the latitude and longitude (GPS coordinates) and the name and location of the photo to include in the spreadsheet for DNR. Also, the species at risk program told us that photos of lynx tracks in the snow with a reference (ruler) beside the track and GPS coordinates will be very useful data.

I want to conclude this report by wishing all the trappers a good,safe and productive season and inviting you all to our Winter Convention in Fredericton on January 9,10 and 11, 2014. Look on our website for information.

Like always, respect the environment and the animals and whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.

Charles Neveu
 NBTFHF President


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