President's Report

by Charles Neveu


Hi Canadian trappers! This month I want to talk about a project that started 12 years ago. After taking a seminar given by Ken Johnstone & Frank Hathaway from DNR on trapping coyotes in winter to help the deer population, a group of trappers from Drummond N.-B. , that I will call the Twin Levesque Trapper Team decided they would do their part to help the deer. The coyote population, if not controlled, become organised like a wolf pack and become very effective to kill deer in winter. It is said that one coyote will kill 6 deer during one winter. If controlled by trapping or hunting the coyote population is thinned out and doing so confuses the pack by removing alpha or higher rank coyotes.

After the bulk of the general trapping & hunting is done, usually mid December, the team gets together and starts trapping coyotes doing so until the end of February (end of coyote season). The two major players in the team are the twins, Bernard and Gerard Levesque along with 3 or 4 other trappers and a lot of people along the year that join and help. It took a few years to figure the tricks and always learning new ones all the time. Iíve included a summary of the catches over the years. I am pleased to announce that this past trapping season we surpassed the 2000 coyotes mark.

The project is not over because, if you trap a big portion of the coyote population, they will respond by having more pups per litter and more females are breeding. The good side is they are easier to trap. One point to mention is when we started, the average weight was 40 to 45 pounds and now the average weight is 30 to 35 pounds. Also it is important to keep putting pressure on the coyote population by trapping them to help the deer.

Coyote Count

2000-2001  74 coyotes
2001-2002 132 coyotes
2002-2003 157 coyotes
2003-2004 279 coyotes
2004-2005 250 coyotes
2005-2006 175 coyotes
2006-2007 195 coyotes
2007-2008 160 coyotes
2008-2009 192 coyotes
2009-2010 180 coyotes
2010-2011 142 coyotes
2011-2012 108 coyotes


2044 coyotes




To conclude I want to say that it is very important as a trapper to always be open to learn new sets and new techniques to improve your abilities. Here are some examples of improvements that the team learned: skinning coyotes with a winch, snowmobile foothold set, foothold sets in deer yards to avoid deer.
Remember that if you are a coyote and you pass through Drummond you might get caught and sent on a free trip to Ontario at a Fur Auction House of your choice.

Respect the environment and the animals and whenever possible, bring a kid trapping.

Charles Neveu
 NBTFHF President


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