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By Gerry Williamson

I was asked by the general membership at our AGM this year to publish our resolutions in the newsletter and website.  It was felt that this might give our membership a better idea of what the Federation is trying to accomplish as well as the response we are getting from DNR.

Under the terms of the NBTFHF Constitution and bylaws, anyone wishing to submit resolutions to be considered at our Annual General Meeting must submit them at least 60 days prior to the AGM in order to be considered at that time.

The following resolutions were submitted and duly passed at our AGM held on January 16th, 2010 at the Fredericton Inn.


1)    Be it resolved that the NBTFHF petition DNR to allow trappers to carry a .22 caliber rimfire on all days of the trapping season.  This resolution is a repeat from last year.  DNR agreed to consider this resolution last year, however, nothing was subsequently done.

2)   Be it resolved that the NBTFHF petition DNR to provide the protocol for the recovery of the Canada Lynx.  This resolution comes from the northern part of the Province where the Canada Lynx has been showing up in ever increasing numbers.  Our Councils there would like to assist by doing a project to study the Lynx.  Funding through the NB Wildlife Trust Fund will only be provided if the project follows the recovery protocol (because the Lynx is on the endangered list here.)  The problem lies in the fact that there is no recovery protocol in NB because the Lynx is not on the endangered list west of NB and the Lynx appears to be recovering on its own.

3)    Be it resolved that the NBTFHF petition DNR to make the following changes in the trapping season dates: a) the 2nd week of October for the start of trapping muskrat, mink, raccoon and snaring fox and coyote  b) the 3rd week of October for the start of trapping beaver and otter  c) the last Saturday of deer season for the start of trapping marten and fisher in zones 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 & 11.  In 2007 DNR made wholesale changes to the start dates of the trapping seasons.  The Federation went along with this on the promise that we would revisit them if things were not working out.  Last year there were 10 resolutions submitted by our various Councils asking for season date changes.  These resolutions were stayed in favour of a Committee that would meet and come up with recommendations.  The structure of the Committee was decided by DNR.  The Committee was comprised of 2 DNR Biologists, 2 DNR Conservation Officers (one a trapper & one not) and 2 trappers, one from the North and one from the South.  This Committee met and ALL agreed on 3 changes a) Extend the weasel season. (We are limited to a box with an 1.25” opening anyway)  b) Extend the mink season to coincide with the fall rat season (makes sense as the sets are very similar anyway) c) Open the season for small aquatic fur bearers one week earlier Province wide. (This would give the guys in the North a better chance at a bit of open water trapping as well as allowing all trappers to get their rat traps out before the start of the beaver season.)  Then this year DNR comes to our AGM and they tell us that they can only do the first two of the recommendations and not the third.  This is after the entire Committee, the majority of which were DNR personnel, agreed to these recommended changes.

4)    Be it resolved that the NBTFHF petition DNR to reinstate the bear to fur bearer status and allow trapping of the animal.  From all accounts, the bear population in NB is steadily increasing.  Bears are being sighted in populated areas more and more.  The outfitting business (the main harvester of bears) is suffering severely due to the economy.  Trapping bears seems like a useful tool to help control the ever increasing population.


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