by Terry Landry


The Restigouche Trapper's Council held it's annual Road Kill Supper snowmobile trip to Carl (The Legend) Cyr's camp on the last weekend of February where a few members showed up to the sleepover. We had fun with a drive to David Firth's camp on Saturday.

Terry Landry cooked a few ''famous'' Carl Cyr BB burgersand he also tied a few “Legend” salmon flies. Other attendees were, Carl Cyr, David Firth, Gerry Thomas, Kevin Savoie and Peter Flann.

On the way out, we found traces of blood in the snow among coyote tracks. To our surprise, the coyote had died a few hundred feet forward in the middle of the snowmobile trail. Looked like it was attacked by a fisher and bled to death. I guess that's the law of nature.




Terry Landry cooking up the burgers



Peter Flann and Carl Cyr  



Terry Landry at the fly tying vise



The whole motley crew



Gerry Thomas (l), Terry Landry and Carl Cyr  



The dead coyote  




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