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Several years ago, the New Brunswick Trappers & Fur Harvesters Federation became concerned with the low number of young people involved in fur harvesting. We were also concerned that young people whether they were interested in trapping or not were only getting to see one side of the issue, the side of those that oppose trapping. The NBTFHF thoroughly looked at what we could do to promote trapping to youngsters in a way that would be informational and reach the maximum number possible and yet, not be seen as pushing trapping & fur harvesting on them. After numerous studies and consultations, we began developing the Furbearer School Program. Approximately 2 years ago, we started administering the program in New Brunswick schools and we are pleased to say, it has been a tremendous success. Teachers and school administrators have been extremely pleased with the results and have requested that the program be administered every year.

What is the Furbearer School Program?

The Furbearer School Program is designed to be used by individuals or groups to aid in an informational lesson to students about fur harvesting and trapping. It is not used to teach the students how to trap but rather the role of trapping & fur harvesting in wildlife management, its history, the benefits it provides, equipment used, various furbearers etc. It is presented to the students at an age level that they are most likely to form an opinion regarding trapping and fur harvesting that they will carry with them the rest of their lives. Presenting them with solid facts about trapping, it provides them an opportunity to form that opinion on a more knowledgeable basis.

What does the Furbearer School Program include?

The Furbearer School Program is available on CD-Rom. It includes;

The Training Manual for the presenters - in Microsoft Word Format, Microsoft Power Point Presentation, and in HTML Format as a slide show presentation that can be viewed on a web browser. All three formats of the manual include both English & French versions. The training manual instructs those that will be presenting the program on;

  • Contacting school officials about the program
  • The prefered age group to present the program too
  • Conduct and behaviour of the presenter
  • Equipment, supplies and aids required
  • Sample letters to school officials & teachers
  • Recommended length of each presentation
  • Content of the program including graphics
  • How to handle the most frequently asked questions
  • Tips on keeping the students interested
  • Additional miscellaneous information

 A student version of the Power Point program - is also included should the presenter wish to use the aid of a computer while doing the presentation.

Teachers Activity Pack - An educational package left with the teacher at the end of the program. The teacher can then provide additional lessons and quiz's to the student, allowing them to better understand trapping. The activity pack is in Microsoft Word format and includes both English and French versions.

 All media formats are fully customizable so that information can be changed, added or deleted depending on regulations or history etc in the province or state the program will be presented in.

Educating The Future!

For Details on Purchasing or Additional Information on The Furbearer School Program

Contact the NBTFHF



If you are interested in having the program presented in your school, contact one of the presenters below.

Bruce Halpin
Hampton area
Graydon Crabbe
Woodstock area
Michel Michaud
Grand Falls area
Darrell Warren
Blackville area
Stephen Scott
Fredericton area
Blair Boone
Oromocto area
Kendall Hubbard
Miramichi area

NBTFHF Members

We would like to have at least two(2) presenters from each council if possible. If you are interested in being a presenter, you can contact

NBTFHF President
Dale Clark
4166 Route 560
Upper Knoxford, N.B.
E7K 2S2
Telephone (506) 276 - 3274
Fax (506) 276 -9014
Email: daleclar@nbnet.nb.ca


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