Basic Common Sets


The information on this page is meant to give an idea of basic sets that are proven effective for various species. There are literally hundreds of different sets for the different species of furbearers. For some individual sets, there are dozens of variations of that set, far too many to list here. We will continue to add sets as time permits. If you have a picture, diagram or description of a favourite set, send it to us, we'll add it to the page.

Box Pole Set - Fisher & Marten



Dog Proof Coon Box



Bucket/Box Cubby




Natural Cubby




Beaver & Otter Under Ice Snares



Beaver & Otter Under Ice Channel Set



Floating Mink Box



The Floating Mink Box should be constructed of dry lumber. The box itself should be constructed out of solid 1" boards. Plywood will swell and the layers separate when exposed to water for any length of time. The stabilizer floats should be constructed of dry 2" X 4", cedar is best if available. Use a weight tied to the bottom of the trap to keep the box from floating away. Fish, Eel or Muskrat wired to the mesh on the back for bait. Apply a good mink lure to the top of the box.


Under Construction!

More Sets To Be Added Soon.




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