New Brunswick Trapper Education

A Trapper Education course is one of the most important steps that a new trapper can take before setting a trap. Many things are learned from these courses other than just trapping. Ethics, wildlife management, survival techniques, trapping tools, history of trapping, fur handling are just a few additional subjects taught at trapper education courses. Even if you have trapped before and are just getting back into it, you could benefit from the course. Techniques and traps have changed as well as traps legal to use, these courses are great refreshers, even for the experienced trapper. Many of the courses may also include demonstrations on pelt handling, trapping demos and other informational sessions that can only enhance your trapping knowledge.

All trappers born on or after Jan.1, 1981, and all first-time trappers acquiring a Fur Harvester's Licence must first complete a Firearm Safety/Hunter Education course and Trapper Education course.

Individuals acquiring a Minor Fur Harvester's Licence do not require a Trapper Education course.

If you want to find out about a trapper education course in your area, contact your Department of Natural Resources & Energy office or your Regional Trappers Council for upcoming courses.

Once you have completed your trapper education course, don't forget to join the New Brunswick Trappers & Fur Harvesters Federation. The NBTFHF works for all trappers to improve and enhance fur harvesting and trapping in New Brunswick.                     



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