Types of Traps

There are a number of various types of traps that may be used in New Brunswick. However, since the AIHTS agreement has taken effect in with the 2007 - 2008 trapping season, the brand of trap is an important factor in choosing traps for individual species.

It is important to choose the right size of trap for the furbearer in which you are targeting. Traps are designed so that certain sizes are intended for certain species. Some sizes and designs will work for multiple species. Using the proper size for the furbearer in which they were designed will minimize any fur damage and ensure an humane catch.

It is up to you the trapper to make sure that your traps are approved for use in Canada. You  can check to see what traps are approved for use for each species by clicking the following link: Approved Traps

Restraining Traps



Body Grip Traps






Live Catch Traps



Colony & Funnel Traps




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